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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thanks For Everything And Few Shout-Outs

Before being hauled away, the Wevorado wanted me to thank EVERYONE who every ever sat on the tailgate, kicked the tires, rode, drove, slept, sang, snoozed, unloaded a massive cooler of beers or a grill, hoisted a pirate flag, shoveled dirt off the bed, worked on the body, engine or brakes or any other part of it, tested the k-value of the springs, dirtied and subsequently cleaned out the run-channels or built a fire on, near, on top of, it or around it. It has NO regrets and whatever feelings you have are mutual.

Special thanks go out to the following:
-Troy for being a great co-pilot and taking the controls at opportune times
-Jeff & Bill for a few great road trips to Wisco
-The United States Cups Federation for always needing beer and something to haul it in
-Storrs, Shebek and Irwin for needing a truck to bring the Cups Table (long live the Wevodome)
-Lil' Kim, The Will Brothers, The Machens, The Battaglias, The Elliotts, Knue, Danger, Hendrix, Hertzinger, Turner, Kucious and everyone already mentioned and everyone we forgot for being great road-trip warriors if was just to Little Brother's and back or from
Atlanta to Texarkana and back in 28 hours.

And finally, to that hotel in Cincinnati. We are SO sorry.

Via Con Dios, Amigo. Because the road goes on forever and the party never ends.

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Danger said...

The Wevorado helped me move into my first house. The Wevorado took care of me several times when my (insert vehicle at the time here) broke down on 33 between the Big H and home. And it safely transported me to Canal Street Tavern to Teejay's to home, time and time again. It will be sorely missed. Wevo, you and Kim will be in our thoughts and prayers while you go through this difficult time.